Introduction to Health Advocacy

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Thank you for participating in our survey.
Health Consumers Alliance of SA is the peak health consumer organisation in South Australia.  We are a member-based, independent, not-for-profit organisation, funded by SA Health. We work with our members and supporters to achieve our vision:
Consumers at the centre of health in South Australia.
 Health consumers are people who use, or are potential users of health services, including their family and carers.
We are excited to hear opinions regarding health services in South Australia,
in particular we want to know what South Australians think of advocacy within health.
Advocacy here meaning, having a professional (different to a family member or friend) that can support you when you are engaging with health services. At times, people can feel as though they don't know what is happening with their health.
They can feel as though they don't have control over their options and treatments.
An advocate can ask questions, write down information, and speak up for you so you can better understand your illness and get the care and resources you need - giving you a peace of mind so you can focus on your recovery.

An advocate is a support for consumers who feel voiceless, they work to make sure the consumers voice is heard.