Program Overview

Thank you for taking a few minutes to suggest your interest in the SMART Recovery MAT/OAT Behavioral Care Support Program. Through this initiative, we will help medical professionals start SMART Recovery meetings to satisfy the behavioral care requirement for those applying to administer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using opioid agonists or to increase the number of MAT patients you serve. This program is for practitioners authorized to provide MAT through waivers that allow a wider range of professionals to participate. This includes professionals in rural areas who serve a small number of patients and providers elsewhere seeking to significantly increase their caseload. SMART can arrange for a free 8-hour waiver qualification course for professionals who need it. 

MAT including opioid agonist treatment (OAT) is the “Gold Standard” when accompanied by a behavioral component for helping people recover from opioid use disorders. This view is shared by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, the Surgeon General, and medical authorities worldwide. MAT with behavioral support reduces overdose deaths, illicit drug use, drop out from treatment, addiction-related illnesses and emergency-service use, and enhances social integration that patients need to recover.

Unlike some other mutual-aid groups, SMART has always welcomed participants using appropriately prescribed, FDA-approved medications to recover from opioid addiction. Through this multifaceted program, providers can offer SMART meetings internally (as a chargeable service) or externally for patients and others in their community. Meetings can be facilitated by professionals or peers who complete the SMART training program.

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