Welcome to the online application for the Mobile Alcohol Response Study (MARS) at the University of Chicago!
Study Overview

The Mobile Alcohol Response Study (MARS) is a research study conducted by Drs. Fridberg and King at the University of Chicago. We are interested in examining alcohol responses in people with a variety of alcohol drinking patterns, including those who may have experienced depressed mood in the past year.

The study is entirely remote, meaning that participants do not have to come into the lab. Rather, participants will use a free study app on their own smartphone to record their moods and experiences during a typical alcohol drinking episode and a non-alcohol drinking episode. 

Time Commitment: The entire study can be completed within one week.

The study involves 1) two virtual visits via Zoom (no download required); 2) seven daily surveys (1-minute each) completed at noon via the study app; and 3) two smartphone assessments of typical alcohol drinking and non-alcohol drinking episodes in your natural environment (e.g., at home or a friend's place, restaurant or bar, etc).

*Virtual screening and orientation visits (1-2 hours total)
*Daily noon surveys completed via the study app (1 brief survey/day for 7 days)
*Smartphone assessments (7 one-minute surveys spread out over 3 hours)

Compensation: up to $140 (in the form of an electronic gift card to Amazon or Target) after completing all measures on time

Study Website: MARS Study Website


**Please note that this is not a treatment study. If you are seeking help for an alcohol or mood problem, we recommend the following resources:
- NIAAA Rethinking Drinking
- National Institute of Mental Health

**For immediate crisis intervention, call 911 or contact any of the following free services:
- National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 1-800-273-8255
- Crisis Text Line (provides 24/7 counseling), text HOME to 741741


This application is to determine if you meet basic eligibility requirements. All responses will remain completely confidential.

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