1. Early Acceptance Application

Please provide as much information as possible to help us determine whether your team is eligible for EARLY acceptance into MAPL events.

NOTE: ONLY teams who have submitted payment for entry will be given consideration for early acceptance.

As a reminder, only results posted in AES are guaranteed to be considered for MAPL entry acceptance and seeding purposes.

* 1. Person completing this survey [check all that apply]

* 2. Check any/all MAPL tournaments you plan to attend in 2017.

* 3. Club Information:

* 4. Tell us a little about your CLUB and/or TEAM? [This is especially important information if you are a newly formed club].

Include your evaluation of your team's competitiveness and how you determined their 'level.

* 5. Do your team's season extend through and include on its schedule a June/July national championship event for 2017 [exception may be 18's with spring USAV national championship?]

* 6. Names of Teams being entered: [you can complete survey for 6 teams max each time]

* 10. List any other multi-day interregional events your teams will participate in this season. You do NOT need to include MAPL events.

* 11. Include any other additional information you think will be useful in determining competitive of your team(s):

* 12. Please provide us with your club website address where we can see athletes recruiting status and team competition schedules:


* 13. I confirm this information is accurate and understand it will be used to determine if my team is eligible for early entry into MAPL events.