The following survey is part of the MACN reporting initiative. The objective of the survey is to enable members to report their ABC challenges safely and anonymously within the MACN and provide best practice solutions.

The Process:
This survey will allow you to enter one (1) type of incident at a time. If multiple identical incidents occurred, i.e. the same type of incident occurred in the same port with the same demand from the same source; you may complete one incident form and simply specify the number of occurrences within the survey.

Please submit separate forms for different types of incidents where any details differ (different ports; different demands at the same port; different authority making the demand etc.).

Report as many incidents as you would like!

Question Title

* 1. How many IDENTICAL incidents are you reporting on?

Question Title

* 4. In what country did the incident occur?

Question Title

* 5. At what port (or place) did the incident occur? (Please use the official name of the port)