The USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation is the charitable arm of U.S. Masters Swimming. The Foundation works to reduce adult drowning risk through education, financial support, and community outreach. The Foundation's hope is that once adults learn to swim or improve their swimming skills, they will have the confidence and desire to continue swimming in a Masters Swimming program and experience the lifelong benefits of swimming.

Applications will only be received through this online application program. Once you start the application, you must complete it in one sitting. Completed grant requests must be received by Wednesday, July 31, 2019.  

  1. If awarded a grant, funds are to be used in 2020.
  2. A W9 must be on record at USMS for applications to be considered. Email W9s to This must be received before your application will be reviewed.
  3. The grant entity will be required to register as a USMS club or workout group. Grant awards may not be used for USMS club registration fees.
  4. At least one individual associated with the grant entity will be required to register as a member of USMS. Grant awards may not be used for USMS individual membership fees.
  5. If the grant entity intends to be covered by USMS liability insurance, participants in the learn-to-swim program must be USMS members or sign the 30-day guest USMS membership. If the adult learner continues lessons after the 30-day guest membership period, he or she must register with USMS in order for the insurance to remain in effect.
  6. Each instructor may directly supervise no more than three students and, for the insurance to be in effect, the instructor must be a USMS member.
  7. Grant programs will be required to fulfill reporting requirements, including but not limited to information about participation and use of funds.
USMS member contributions provide the majority of funding that SSLF is able to award. Each grant award also includes one (1) fee waiver for the USMS Adult Learn-to-Swim instructor certification class.
The amount and number of grant awards for 2020 will be determined in the summer, based on member contributions. 
The SSLF board of trustees will announce grant winners at the USMS annual meeting in St. Louis, Mo., in September. Grant applicants may attend the meeting, but their presence is not required. In October and November, USMS will reach out to those selected to receive a grant. 

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