The Partnership on Sustainable Food Systems for People, Planet & Climate (P-SFS) proposal  ambition is to collectively develop and implement an EU-wide committed Research and Innovation partnership, which accelerates the transition towards healthy diets that are safe and sustainably produced and consumed in resilient EU and global food systems. This partnership focuses on post-harvest; hence, connection with the other cluster 6 partnerships is needed.

The aim of this public consultation is to collect input to further develop and strengthen the SFS partnership SRIA. We highly value your participation and feedback and take note of all the proposals/ suggestions given.

The information collected through this consultation will benefit greatly the drafting of the next and final version. However, as a kind reminder: the SRIA will continue to follow and reflect the published SFS partnership proposal (April 2022) .
You are kindly invited to read the SRIA carefully and respond to the questionnaire online.
The document, as well as an overview of the questionnaire are available on the SCAR FOOD SYSTEMS SWG website.
The deadline for submitting your response online is: 19 December 2022, at noon.

This survey will take approximately 30 min to complete online.
We would appreciate a consolidated contribution from your organisation/ministry and if possible from national mirror groups and networks. However, individual responses are also very welcome.

We encourage you to disseminate the SRIA and the survey to the ministries, mirror group, potential R&I funders of the partnership and interested stakeholders in your country.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact:   
Thank you in advance for your contribution.

On behalf of the SCAR FS SWG coordination team