Purpose and Criteria

NAWBO Advocacy Award honors a woman business owner that advocates for the advancement of the women business owner community in a bipartisan spirit.  She is a voice of collaboration and effectively presents or moves legislation, regulation reform, or new initiatives forward. Her efforts as a public servant are not limited to the issues that directly affect her business or community.  Instead, she uses her platform to bring to light the needs of those who may not have a similar opportunity to raise their voices.  The vision and goals of her advocacy set the stage for further advancements for women business owners now and in the future. 
Requirements: The nominee is a NAWBO member who may be self-nominated or nominated by a peer and who:

1.    Advocates for and positively impacts the women business owner community by working to affect policy and legislation at local, regional and/or national levels;

2.    Provides evidence, by way of narrative answer and/or supporting materials, that the nominee’s advocacy activities directly resulted in a significant and advantageous impact to the women-business-owner community;

3.    Demonstrates bipartisan activities and spirit;

4.    Engages in volunteer efforts beyond professional responsibilities to advance women entrepreneurship at local, regional and/or national levels; and

5.    Shows a long and consistent history of commitment to propelling women business owners into greater economic, social and political spheres of power.

Please answer in as much detail as needed.  The nominees are selected based from this information.