Thank you for registering for the 2017 HIMS Basic Seminar.

I am requesting your help to complete an opinion survey.

The survey focuses on topics that come up for pilots in monitoring and for those of us involved in monitoring their progress.

This year's survey includes questions suggested by participants in last years HIMS Basic Seminar. I hope you will add your suggestions at the end of the survey.

So often all of us fill out surveys and never find out what happened. Not this time, the results will be presented the morning  of the third  day of the seminar.

Your answers will help highlight topics that need further emphasis in our ongoing attempt to help the pilots in the HIMS program achieve a stable and fulfilling recovery from alcohol and drug dependence.

David Altman MD

First a bit of background information:

* Which of the following would best describe your role in the HIMS Program?

* Have you ever been a pilot in monitoring in the HIMS Program?

* Have you ever taken the HIMS Participant Opinion Survey before? (Check all that apply.)

Here's the survey.

HIMS Participants Opinion Survey

This questionnaire is focused on issues which have faced pilots in the HIMS program.  Please select the answer which describes your opinion.

* 1. If an alcoholic pilot has a spouse who is also an alcoholic, then the pilot needs to work an Al-Anon program.

* 2. It is OK to borrow your spouse's prescription medications as long as you only use 1 or 2 pills..

* 3. It is OK to eat food which has cooking wine in it. For example, chicken marsala.

* 4. It is OK to drink 'mock-tails' and drinks like a Virgin Mary because they do not contain alcohol.

* 5. It Is OK to drink non-alcohol beer like O'Doul'S.

* 6. It is OK to focus on the miracles of  12 step recovery and not share doubts and questions about the 12 step program.

* 7. It is OK to take pain medications under specific circumstances. For example, immediately after oral surgery.

* 8. It is OK to use over-the-counter medications. For example, Nyquil, if you have a cough keeping you up at night

* 9. If you are an alcoholic, you cannot become a drug addict.

* 10. It is OK to have a medical procedure like a colonoscopy during which you will receive pain medications and sedatives.

* 11. Becoming invested in the AA recovery program usually leads to increased attendance at church services.

* 12. If you are just an alcoholic and never had a problem with drugs, it is OK for you to save up prescription pain medication so you will have it if you need it.

* 13. Since the FAA permits limited use of Ambien when not flying, it is OK for HIMS participants to occasionally use Ambien.

* 14. Since the FAA permits limited use of over-the-counter sleeping medications when not flying, it is OK for HIMS participants to use over-the-counter sleep medications.

* 15. It is OK to use non-alcohol, over-the-counter medications more often than is recommended. For example, a nasal spray for allergies.

* 16. If the pilot is an alcoholic and a cocaine or narcotic addict, it is OK to only attend AA meetings.

* 17. If the pilot is just an alcoholic and has problems with anxiety, it is OK to take Xanax or Valium

* 18. If the pilot is just an alcoholic and has problems focusing, it is OK to take stimulants such as Ritalin or Adderall.

* 19. It is OK to only attend online AA meetings

* Would you like to clarify or add details to your answers to any of the survey questions? If yes, the space below is available for your comments.

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