Kankakee Community College (KCC) is conducting this brief online survey to gather input from community members, college staff, and current students about the college. 
Completion of the survey should take between 10-12 minutes. 

If you are NOT employed by KCC you can register for a random prize drawing to receive one (1) of the following prizes:
  1. $100 Amazon digital gift card (three of these are offered); or
  2. Apple AirPods (two of these are offered)
Completion of this survey is voluntary. No identifying information will be associated with your responses. All results will be reported in aggregated form.
The survey asks about your overall perceptions of KCC and specific experiences that you may have had with KCC.  Basic demographics are also collected to assess the representativeness of the sample.
If you are interested in completing this survey please click on the “Next” button and it will activate.
7% of survey complete.