Welcome to the 2019-2020 CYT Chicago Directing Team Application! 

You may be coming to this page after directing more than 20 shows for us, or as someone brand new to this organization, or somewhere in between! No matter which, please fill out this application to completion, and I will be in communication on an ongoing basis throughout the season, to have more specific conversations, and/or ask any further questions I may have for you.

With 30 Production Teams to fill in 10 different areas, over a three session period, it's unrealistic to assume the discussions about team personnel and eventual staffing of these positions can simply happen overnight! (That's 150 positions to fill!) I will be working diligently to secure team members as quickly as possible, however not at the expense of rushing thoughtful discussions, prayer, and careful consideration of the many variables that go into hiring each directing team member. But this, no matter the outcome, is the starting point and we are thrilled that you want to share your God-given gifts with this organization! 

Being on a Directing Team can be, at times, quite the challenging adventure. Working with kids, following policies of the organization, working with all of the different volunteers, etc, can take special abilities such as having great people skills, having emotional stability, and having a servants heart. These are just as fundamental to being a successful directing team member as is your theatrical skill set. We strive to put Christ first in all that we do. We strive to make CYT an enjoyable place to be a part of. We foster a loving, inclusive environment. We are looking for people who have their heart in what we're trying to accomplish, in addition to teaching the performing arts. Because if you treat it that way, the rewards will be astounding. 

Please read and complete this application thoroughly. Plan on this to take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, though please take as much time as you see fit! I will begin contacting potential directing team members beginning Friday, May 24th. So until then, it is solely an open application and submitting period.  This application will remain open through March 2020, however it would be in your favor to complete it as early as you can. I will not be sending out individual confirmations (or similarly, regrets if not chosen), so please take your submission of this form as confirmation I've received your information and that you are on my list and radar! I will be in contact on an on going basis. Please note I staff positions on teams in chronological order (first Fall, then Winter, then finally Spring!) so it could take some time to hear back from me for some positions!

Thank you for your interest in directing for CYT this upcoming season!

Elle Sprague
Artistic Director
CYT Chicago

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