Welcome to the Community Assessment Survey. This survey is an initiative of your local community and the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, with funding and support from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and the State Historic Preservation Office. It is intended to help facilitate a conversation about historic preservation in your community.

This survey consists of sixteen questions about your perspective on various aspects of historic preservation in your community. The multiple choice questions are required, but the open-ended questions at the end are optional. Your personal identity will not be recorded or linked to your specific responses in any reports.

After the questionnaire is closed on June 17th, a report will be generated that summarizes your answers and those of other people from your community. A community presentation of this information is planned for the evening of June 26.   

We hope you will find the process of completing this survey informative and the resulting information useful in helping your community improve its preservation ethic and practices. If you have any questions about the survey, the report, the initiative, or the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, please contact Mallory Bower at bower@mhpn.org or Ellen Thackery at info@mhpn.org, or please call us at 517.371.8080.

10% of survey complete.