Lovefraud's mission is to educate the public about sociopaths. An important way to do that is by telling the stories of people who have been targeted by these disordered individuals. We do that on with our "Spath Tales" feature.

We also want to work with the media. We hope to interest the media in producing stories about disordered personalities, the damage they cause, and how to spot dangerous people before becoming involved.

Reporters frequently want a local angle for their stories, or are looking for anecdotes from people who match the demographics of their publication or station. Therefore, when doing stories related to the sociopathic personality disorder, reporters often ask Lovefraud to refer people who are willing to talk about their own experiences.

Note: If you have already completed this survey, your information is still in the database, so please don't fill out another one. And, if you are still traumatized by your experience and talking to a reporter will upset you, please wait until you are recovered before filling out the survey. There will always be opportunities. It is important for you to be comfortable discussing what happened to you.

If you are willing to share your story on Lovefraud and/or talk to the media, please complete this survey to provide some basic information about yourself and your experience. Please be sure to describe what happened - if you don't, there is no way to know if you are a fit for a particular reporter's story.

Your contact details will not be released without your permission. Lovefraud will only give your name to a reporter after we have first contacted you to ask if you want to be interviewed.

The survey is very short, but answers are required for all of the questions.

17% of survey complete.