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Welcome to the second of two pre-negotiation issue opinion surveys that Local 48 is conducting to determine the focus of our membership in the coming bargaining sessions with NECA. The previous survey was designed to identify which items had the most support from members of the Inside Commercial Agreement bargaining unit. This survey has a similar but more in-depth goal of prioritizing those issues. While you could conceivably rush through and answer these questions very quickly, we encourage you to take your time and fully consider each issue. There are less than 20 issues to review, but each issue will have anywhere from one to four questions about how you see that issue being implemented. There will also be a question at the end that allows you to simply rank each issue in order of importance to you.
While the "wages on the check" issue will not be a part of this survey, it was very clear that membership would like to see an increase of take-home pay. The other issue that was very clear in the last survey was that members would prefer to see a balance of wages, benefits, and language.

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