Program Guide Survey

The City of Lloydminster Program Guides are for both adults and youth seeking educational, recreational and cultural activities throughout the year. Previously, the City of Lloydminster has sent out 3 guides annually; a Fall/Winter Program Guide, a Spring/Summer Program Guide, and a Summer Camps Guide.

This year, the City of Lloydminster is offering a Fall Program Guide, a Winter Program Guide, and a Spring/Summer Program Guide to better suit the needs of Lloydminster residents. In order to provide the best possible experience to patrons and Lloydminster residents alike, the City of Lloydminster is requesting feedback in this change and the Program Guides overall.

Please note your feedback is confidential.

* 1. How do you prefer to view the Program Guides?

* 2. What do you use the Program Guides primarily for? Please check all that apply.

* 3. Every Program Guide is mailed out to every household in Lloydminster. Would you like the City to continue to do this?

* 4. If you could improve one aspect of the Program Guides, what would it be?

* 5. What is the best part about the Program Guides?

* 6. Please indicate your age.

* 7. Please indicate your gender.

* 8. How many children do you have in your household?

* 9. What neighbourhood do you live in?