OCLC Research last conducted an "International Linked Data Survey for Implementers" in 2015. We are eager to learn details of new projects or services that format metadata as linked data and/or make subsequent uses of it, and what might have changed in linked data implementations reported in the previous survey. Examples collected will be shared for the benefit of others wanting to undertake similar efforts. 

As an early adopter in this area, your experience and answers to this survey will be valuable to others who are also interested in starting Linked Data projects or services.

By “linked data” we are referring to a set of practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web. Real-world objects are given addresses on the Web (URIs), a generic means to identify entities or concepts. The data about them is published in machine-readable RDF (Resource Description Framework, a generic graph-based data model with which to structure and link data) format over HTTP. Examples of linked data implementations are British Geological Survey; British Library's BNB; DBpedia and Geonames.

Target audiences for this survey are staff who have implemented or are implementing linked data projects or services, either by publishing data as linked data or ingesting linked data resources into their own data or applications.

You need not complete data input in one online session; you can re-enter to update or correct your data at any time until the survey closes, even after you have clicked "Done" on the last page. You must, however, always work from the same computer. Your responses on a page are saved each time you click on the "prev" or "next" button. Do not use your browser's navigation arrows. If you wish to exit before reaching the end, click on "next" to save the current page and then close your browser window.

Questions requiring a response are asterisked.

Expected time to complete survey: 15-20 minutes for each project or service described.

Please submit your completed response by 25 May, 2018. 

Participating institutions will be identified with the projects or services described, but contact information will be held confidential.  Responses to the surveys conducted in 2014 and 2015 (without contact information) are available as an Excel workbook, here.

 Address questions to Karen Smith-Yoshimura at OCLC Research (

Thank you for participating in this Linked Data survey!