2021-2022 Application

This grant program is available to public and private schools, including high schools, junior high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, as well as accredited and/or licensed pre-k-12 schools. The educational institution must be the primary sponsor or co-sponsor for the blood drive, and must have active student recruiters, coordinators or participants to be eligible.

Schools will receive $250 for each drive that collects 20 units or more. In addition, $1 will be awarded per unit collected. (e.g., 50-unit drive receives $250, plus an additional $50 for a total of $300). The more blood drives a school hosts each year, the more opportunity for grant funding.

Funds can be used for the following:
  • Traditional Scholarship Fund
  • Charitable Donation to Non-Profit
  • Reimbursement for Blood Drive Expenses
  • Payment for Educational Expenses
NOTE: The Food and Drug Administration provides guidance governing volunteer blood donation. Funds must not be given directly to the blood donor or blood drive sponsor. 

The school principal or blood drive coordinator should complete the application for each eligible drive prior to drive date. An application is required and must be submitted no later than two weeks following the drive. 

Checks will be issued 6-8 weeks after the application is submitted and approved. Schools will be notified of application approval, which will begin the 6-8 week processing period. 

Once the blood drive event and application are approved, funds are distributed within 6-8 weeks. LifeSavings checks must be cashed within 6 months of printed issue date. Replacement costs for reissuing of funds include: $40 for checks requiring a check to be cancelled/replaced and $10 for checks needing to be voided/reissued. Fee amount will be deducted from replaced/reissued check. Your signature, on this application, acknowledges this funding structure. School should confirm 3rd party checks are acceptable prior to original request and understand funds cannot be issued early to accommodate pre-payment. Issued checks will be mailed to the school for further distribution to the appropriate payee. Cancelled blood drives must be re-scheduled to remain eligible.

Questions? Email lifesavings@impactlife.org for an answer within 2 business days or contact your Blood Center Representative.