Dear Students,  

We are interested in learning about your experiences at CCSF Library and using library resources and services.  Your participation in this short survey will help us improve library services. This survey takes about 10-15 minutes. 

Please respond honestly and thoughtfully.  Your opinion is important to us!
Thank you for taking the time!
Confidentiality Statement
Your participation in this survey is voluntary, and your identity will be kept completely confidential. Your responses will only be analyzed and reported in combination with the responses of other students participating in this survey. Providing your student ID number allows the College to consider demographic and educational variables in these aggregate analyses to better understand the survey results.

1. Please enter your Student ID number 

2. Which types of classes are you taking (check all that apply)?

3. When do your classes meet (Please check all that apply)?

5. How often do you visit the CCSF Library?

  2-6 times a week weekly monthly 1-4 times a semester Not at all
In Person
On the Web

6. The current library hours at the CCSF library you use the most (select all that apply):

7. This semester, how many of your courses require you to use library resources or services, (e.g. material on reserve, articles from databases, library workshops, audio-visual resources)?

8. How important is ACCESS to the following library resources and services to meeting your academic goals?

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not important No opinion
Print materials (books, magazines and journals)
Reserve books/materials
Online library resources (database articles, eBooks, videos)
Library Workshops
Online Tutorials, How To's  and Research Guides
Research assistance from librarians
Help using computers and printers
Library computers
Requesting library materials from one center to another
Equipment/software for disabled persons
Quiet place to work on your own
Group study rooms
Library programs or exhibits

9. How would you rate the following?

  More than Sufficient/Very Satisfied Sufficient/Satisfied Less than Sufficient/Somewhat Satisfied Not Sufficent/Unsatisfactory No Opinion
Print materials (books, magazines and journals)
Reserve books/material
Online library resources (database articles, eBooks, videos)
Access to reserve materials
Library workshops
Online Tutorials, How To's and Research Guides
Research assistance from librarians
Help using computers and printers
Availability of computers
Age and speed of computers
Ease of requesting library materials
Equipment/software for disabled persons
Group study rooms
Conduciveness for studying
Ease of navigating the Library website
Library exhibitions or programs

10. Which do you prefer to use?

11. I find the librarians and library staff at the Library:

  Always Usually Sometimes Never No opinion
Friendly and approachable
Available to help when I need them
Knowledgeable and able to help me with my research
Helpful and timely on the phone
Helpful and timely in response to chat services
Helpful and timely in email responses

12. Overall, how important is your use of Library services and resources, whether on-site or online, to your academic success in college?

13. Thinking about the space at the library you use the most, which improvements would most enhance your ability to study or conduct research? (Select no more than 3).

14. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience with the library and its services and facilities? Please write in your answer below.