Identifying Metadata Elements for Legacy Seismic Data

In September 2019, a workshop was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico where 29 interested parties discussed many topics related to legacy seismic data.  One of the primary outcomes of this workshop was the identification of important metadata needed to assist in the discovery and use of legacy seismic data. The workshop report can be found at  Workshop participants began with a set of metadata elements that have been used in a variety of data rescue projects around the world. Participants reviewed these elements and gave their opinion as to whether or not each element should be included in any metadata standard developed for legacy data. Workshop participants also suggested modifications to proposed elements and many made suggestions as to additional elements that should be considered.  

This second survey is the result of what was learned at the workshop.  This is the first broad distribution of this survey to identify  metadata elements that are being considered to describe legacy data.

We are asking you to provide your perspective as to which elements should be Required, Recommended, Optional, or Not Included in legacy metadata. Remember that curators of legacy data collections will be responsible for providing all the Required metadata and the Recommended metadata, if available. The amount of effort will be related to the number of elements so that should be considered as you categorize the various elements.

You must select one and only one of the four options for all of the listed elements.  

Thank you for your input.
We estimate that this survey will take 20 minutes to complete. 
8% of survey complete.