The Laurel Board of Trustees and Administrative Team is gathering information on the recent defeat of the elementary and high school bond elections to determine the primary reason(s) for the failed election and to assist the Board as it considers its options moving forward.  We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out this survey.  Your identity will remain anonymous.  

Thank you in advance for taking time to provide important information to the Board and Administration of Laurel Public Schools.  


* 1. Please mark the circle below that best describes your current status.  

* 2. Did you vote in the November 2017 School District Bond Election?

* 3. If your answer to the preceding question (Question 2) was "Yes" please complete this question.  If you answer to Question 2 was "No" please skip this question and proceed to Question 4.

* 4. If you did not vote in the November 2017 Laurel Public Schools bond elections, please mark the circle that best describes why you did not vote.