About Your Business

This survey is intended for current members of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce.  Please visit MissionForwardPortsmouth.org for other survey opportunities if you are not a current Chamber of Commerce member.  Please contact Ben VanCamp at ben@portsmouthchamber.org for assistance.

* 2. What is your primary location?

* 3. What industry category best describes your business?

* 4. How long has your company been a member of the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce?

* 5. Who participates in Chamber programs or events from your company?

* 6. When your company joined the Chamber of Commerce what was the primary reason for making that investment?

* 7. Has membership met your expectations?

Did Not Meet Expectation Met Expectation
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 8. Please share why you selected your response in question #7.

* 9. What are the greatest challenges facing your company?