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The Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County is seeking assistance and information from its members that will help us and the greater community obtain a snapshot of both housing where older adults happen to live, as well as housing specifically designed and designated for older adults. This “snapshot” will provide us with information to help assess the location of senior-focused housing, including neighborhoods where older adults may be concentrating, and what effects this housing and population dynamic is having on the local emergency and public services. 

If you have a concentration of senior residents (small, large, naturally occurring or designated) in any of your developments, we hope that you will complete and return this questionnaire to HDC. We are NOT seeking names or any other personal/identifying information of your residents. You will find questions that are designed to help us better understand the makeup of our neighborhoods and provide resources and tools for the broader community to site future senior-focused amenities such as service centers and/or community health centers. We also hope this data can assist the broader community in the coordination of mental and physical health outreach programs and the provision of neighborhood- or community-shared service coordinators. We believe that well placed services and neighborhood-centered service coordinators would ease the community’s costs for emergency services and provide HDC members with the additional support they may need as their population ages.

Our goal with the following questionnaire is to establish a database of housing serving older adults, with or without age restrictions. With this base of knowledge, other valuable information can be gathered from public community sources regarding EMT, emergency services, and other community funded services that could assist the community in designing efficient and effective responses to the needs of older adults before emergency responders are needed.

We encourage you to share this with other affordable and market-rate housing providers. We plan to share high level data with those HDC members and partners who complete this survey, as well as other interested community parties and funders. The time it takes to complete this questionnaire will vary depending on your development’s senior population, and we ask that you fill out a survey for each of your projects with a concentration of older adults, and answer the questions to the best of your ability. None of the answers are required, and you can leave answers blank if not applicable, or type N/A.

If you would like to review a copy of the questionnaire prior to completing it online, you can download a copy here. As this survey has a number of questions regarding both the property and services, you may want to pass it around to a few people first. 

We sincerely appreciate your time! Questions? Please contact Loren Tierney, HDC Member Services Director, or David Clifton, Assistant Director of the Nonprofit Housing Bond Program, WSHFC.
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