About the survey

The Linux Professional Institute is evolving its very character as an organization. We are making conscious changes in our culture as well as our structure to be more than just a certification body. Our aim is to ensure the continuing role of the individual in the evolution, acceptance, and professional use of open source software.

In pursuit of this aim LPI must become more driven and guided by open source practitioners, the people whose skills we have certified. To do this we are launching a membership program to include not only the right to vote for the LPI Board, but also other benefits designed to enhance professional development of our members.

The purpose of this survey is to better understand the needs and preferences of our community regarding this program. Its results will influence the benefits and resources we will provide to our members.
All responses are completely optional and all data collected is subject to the LPI Privacy Policy.

Thanks for your support and participation. More information on the program will be available at the LPI membership webpage.

Evan Leibovitch
Director of Community Development

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