The purpose of this form is to provide a confidential method for reporting bias incidents as defined in our policies:

Alpha Chi Omega - M6 Statement of Position: Bias Incidents 
A bias incident is any intentional or unintentional conduct, speech, expression or action that could reasonably be perceived as being motivated in part or in whole by bias, prejudices or stereotypes of individual or group identities or characteristics. This definition is inclusive of but not limited to incidents that intimidate, demean, mock, degrade, marginalize or threaten individuals or groups based on that individual’s or group’s actual or perceived legally protected identities.
Alpha Chi Omega does not endorse or support behaviors or activities that are motivated by bias, prejudices or stereotypes or are demeaning in nature.

Prior to submitting a report to headquarters staff, Alpha Chi Omega members should use their best efforts to resolve their issue through existing processes such as speaking with a collegiate or alumnae chapter officer or a volunteer supervisor. If you have exhausted such efforts, then submitting a report might be an appropriate next step. 
Alpha Chi Omega will not tolerate retaliatory action against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith about a potential bias incident or violation in policy or against anyone seeking assistance in learning about the reporting process.

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