This survey is about how we best serve you, our customers, at Harpenden and Luton stations.  Whilst we would like to have more stops on trains serving both stations, unfortunately this is not possible at present because of infrastructure constraints.

Some customers have told us they need more stops at their stations at Harpenden. At present, we consider that this is only practically achievable by reducing services elsewhere. Our current view is that the best available option would be to achieve this by reducing some services at Luton. This is an important decision, so we want to ask you what impact that would have on you before taking any decisions. 

The input we receive from you during this consultation will feed into our decision. We presently think that there may be two potential outcomes: either that there will be no change to our existing services or that that some daily services will be changed, so that they stop at Harpenden instead of Luton. However, we approach this consultation with an open mind and welcome your feedback, including on those potential outcomes (and any other potential outcomes you can suggest, including any proposals for other approaches that might address the issues in respect of Harpenden). To do this we really do want as much customer feedback as possible, which is why we are asking you to fill in the following survey.

Before you fill in the survey, please take a few minutes to read a short summary of the current situation.