Meet the Candidates

Abdul Umair Mohammad (MSME'17)
I am from a family of farmers who believed in agriculture sector of the country from generation and my uncle happened to be a car mechanic that's where my interest on cars started and made me come to the beautiful motor city and got me placed in Lawrence Technological University and the international exposure in university helped me graduate from Mechanical Engineering and i am hungry of getting in to my next level finding jobs with little hope that "America is land of opportunity".

My interest brought me to a wonderful campus with lot of opportunity but i have failed to utilize it during my study time and now i realize the beautiful days that i have missed with my fellow friends ,graduates and professors.This got me to a straight conclusion that Never miss an opportunity to spend time on campus.
Amani Salamey (BSME'07, MEM'09)
I am an Engineering Supervisor at Ford Motor Company. I enjoy mentoring high school and college students in the STEM fields.

I have been involved in the Ford recruiting efforts at Lawrence Tech and I believe there are a few opportunities for our students to stand out in the competitive field of engineering. I am very interested in reaching out to past Alumni's and building relationships between them and our student body. Lawrence Tech helped me get to where I am today and I want to pave the path for other students to have a successful future.
Anita Satkiewicz (BSME'05)
I came to Lawrence Tech as a nontraditional student, working as a product designer in the automotive industry. After nine years of night school, I completed my BSME and was promoted to product engineer. My husband is also a Lawrence Tech (LIT) alumnus, as well as his sister, brother, and cousin.

Lawrence Tech will always be very special to me. I would be honored to help advance the school by serving on the Alumni Association Board.
Chuck Hill (BSBA'94)
I just retired from Ford after having worked there for almost 27 years. I have over 37 years of IT background working for many different companies over the years.

I feel I could make a difference and help bring a different perspective on many viewpoints to the board. I also would be supporting and promoting the University to its best intentions and purpose.
David McLenaghan (BSME'94)
Currently vice president of sales, engineering, and operations of the automotive division of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation with responsibilities for the Americas.

I am interested in increasing activities outside of my career, and would like to give back the university, LTU, which has been a significant enabler in helping me to achieve the successes in industry in which I have achieved.
Donald M. Reimer (BSIM'62)
I have served as a full-time faculty member in the A. Leon Linton Department of Mechanical Engineering. I have recently retired from that position. I continue to teach courses in entrepreneurship as an adjunct faculty member in the College of Engineering. I have a strong interest in engaging entrepreneurial alumni in the Lawrence Tech community. I have extensive experience in working with closely-held businesses in developing and implementing strategy. I have owned and operated a business, developed and presented research on entrepreneurial thinking at domestic and international conferences, published numerous articles on entrepreneurship, worked with students and developed curriculum.

I believe my extensive background and experience with the Lawrence Tech community and beyond will provide an outstanding resource for the Alumni Association Board of Directors. As a member of the Alumni Board, I can continue to serve the University.
James Anthony Davis II (MBA'16)
I’m presently a Business Growth Coordinator at the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council where I assist women, minority and small business owners in getting their dreams off the ground by providing access to capital, consultation and certifications. Before that, I worked at DTE Energy for 14 years where I contributed to numerous engagement committees tasked with creating exciting events for employees and communities alike. I very much enjoy bringing people together and am excited about the opportunity to assist on LTU’s Alumni Board!

I want to further enhance the connectedness of the LTU community, serving as an ambassador committed to increasing alumni engagement. In addition to ensuring proper allocation of LTU resources, I’d like to aid in recognizing and celebrating alumni achievements, thereby further enriching the LTU alumni experience.
Jeremy Nafus (BSIT'17)
I currently work at Ford in the FCG program. I am a recent graduate of Lawrence Tech and I will live in the area and frequently visit LTU still. I am still actively involved with Sigma Phi Epsilon as well as looking to help out with first year mentor and homecoming still when that times comes around.

I want to serve on this Board to assist in any LTU operations or roundtable discussions that I can to still stay connected with the university that brought me so many opportunities and provided me with so many great memories. I want to continue to give back to the university.
Joseph Ogundu, PhD (CIMBA'04, DEMS'12)
President of Emerald Global Consulting Inc, a small lean and operations management consulting firm. Also, an Adjunct Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department.

I am interested in running for a seat on the board to promote the interest of Lawrence both in the community and globally.
Kim Ziomek (MBA'95)
Sales Manager at Woco Tech USA, involved in Mentoring, professional organizations and wish to re-engage at LTU.

I helped found the LTU Alumni Association and would like to re-engage in the activities.
Nick George (BSIT'12)
I have been working in the Healthcare IT area for about 10 years, while I was working at LTU. I work in the Ann Arbor area and reside in Westland. In my free time I enjoy going to concerts, golf, and 4 wheeling. I live with my girlfriend of 5 years and our 2 dogs and 1 cat. We are animal lovers too!

I was never really involved with student life at LTU during my undergraduate program. Looking back, I regret that decision. I wish to give back to LTU as my accomplishments at the university have allowed me to accomplish a lot in my career at my age. I would love to be re-engaged with the school and help contribute to the current students, faculty and alumni. I appreciate your consideration!
Patrice Patrick (MBA'12)
The Maverick, road runner, and dare devil, are the names close friends and family use to describe Patrice Banks Lead Management Consultant behind Daring Ideas Consulting Engagements. A
management-consulting firm that specializes in leadership and organizational development for small businesses and non-profits. Daring Ideas was developed out of the joy and love of seeing people succeed in fulfilling their dreams. Their slogan “There is always an innovative solution to a problem.”

She is also the Creative Editor behind DI Behind the Business. Before creating the DI brand, Patrice studied Kinesiology and Parks and Recreation at Michigan State University (MSU) and went on to receive her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Lawrence Technological University (LTU).

The LTU graduate has committed her talents for more than a decade in the nonprofit, and sports and recreation industry. While at MSU she worked as an intern for the MSU Athletic Training Program where she had the opportunity to work with the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) DetroiShocks during their first year in the league. As a student, she worked with many youth programs and, with her mentor, co-founded “Girls Get Going” a free, one-day sports clinic in partnership with MSU, for inner city families to help encourage girls to be involved in sports.

In 2012 she was recruited for a 3.6M health and fitness program with the MSU Nursing Research Department. Due to Patrice’s expertise on the subject, she was tasked with designing and implementing strategies to improve their operations and performance by providing program analysis, organization development plans, and recruiting students and employees in middle schools across four cities in Michigan. Patrice has also served as the Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator for the Boys & Girls Club ofLansing. In 2014 Patrice assisted the Boys & Girls Club of Lansing with organizing and opening a satellite site at one of Lansing’s charter schools.

Patrice’s influence remains strong as she works to improve operations and controls for organizations in her community.
Rajiv Shah (MBA'08)
Rajiv Shah is currently a Project Manager with ACS. Rajiv has been involved with managing, designing, and building wind tunnels and test facilities for Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Honda, and NASA. Currently, Prior coming to the USA and Canada, Rajiv worked for Reliance Industries Limited in India as a Maintenance Engineer and Project Manager in the Petro Chemical Industry. Rajiv holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA-2007), a Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management (PGDOM), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. He is also a Michigan Professional Engineer (PE), Certified Automation Professional (CAP) and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Rajiv always finds time to watch Hollywood/Bollywood movies and will never turn down a game of chess. Rajiv resides in Farmington Hills with his wife and their teenage daughter.

I always wanted to be part of the board and give it back to the community. I have done more than 10 years of volunteer service in various capacity with several organization.
Teachia Turrentine (BECA'17 UCertTPC'16)
Last year I joined the marriage club (I was previously know as Teachia Clark-Williams), and I am coming up on my 1-year anniversary on July 23, 2017. I am a Youth Success Mentor through AmeriCorps, and I own my own business where I tutor, do text editing, and communications coaching. I am passionate about being a resource, specifically in the field of Education, as well as to those who have very limited resources. I love to live, have fun, and be positive!

I transferred to LTU in 2014 and completed my undergrad coursework in 2016. While I made some connections and was able to serve to some capacity, having been a student for only two years, and having other pressing responsibilities at the time, I wasn't able to fully give all I had to offer, nor could I fully receive what LTU, in its infinite ways, could offer me. I'm hoping that, if chosen as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, I'll have the opportunity to help edify an already amazing institution, and to be edified in the process.
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