What is a “Roots of Prevention Award"?

The Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community holds an annual award celebration to recognize and honor people, programs, and organizations supporting the health and wellbeing of the Burlington community. Special interest is given to nominations with a direct impact on substance misuse prevention.  

We give awards in several possible categories:

Business -- This award is given to businesses that contribute to substance abuse prevention and health and wellness in the Burlington community. Some examples include: a local bar or restaurant that has implemented policies to reduce underage sales of alcohol or overselling; a retailer who limits tobacco and alcohol advertising in their store and promotes healthy alternatives for young adults. A worksite that has a tobacco-free campus policy and supports cessation for their employees.
Organization or Individual -- An individual or organization who has contributed to creating a healthier environment in Burlington.
Youth & Families -- An individual, program, or organization that created or supported the health of youth and/or families of Burlington and contributed to substance misuse prevention.
D.G. Weaver Award -- The Burlington Partnership is proud to honor the late assistant principal of Burlington High School, D.G. Weaver, by giving this annual award to a person associated with the Burlington schools who is a positive role model and who goes "above and beyond" to support healthy opportunities/activities for our youth, either as a staff, volunteer, or community member.