Gauverband Jugend Survey

Grüss Gott,

As Jugendvertreterin, I will serve the Nordamerika Gauverband as best I can. Please complete this survey to help me help you.  I thank you in advance for your help.
Mit Trachten Gruss,
Diane Meck


* 1. What is the age range for your Jugend/Kindergrupp?

* 2. How many Jugend are in your group?

* 3. What do you want to see on the Jugend webpage? (Select all that apply)

* 4. What Jugend activities would you like to see at the Gaufest? (Select all that apply)

* 5. There has been expressed interest in a student exchange, and ways to have our Jugend experience Bavaria and/or Tyrol first hand. How would you like to see this achieved?  (Select all that apply)

* 6. Please provide the names of those responsible for the Jugend in your Verein and their contact information.

* 7. What are the best methods to communicate with the Jugend in your Verein? (Select all that apply)

* 8. Please give us you thoughts on how Jugend can be more involved in the Gauverband Nordamerika.

* 9. Please provide your contact information if we need to get in touch with you.

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