Take advantage of subsidised access to Australia’s largest range of microscopes and expert technicians. Apply online anytime and we’ll fastrack your approval process.

Our online TechFi tool helps researchers find the right technique for their projects. If you need help with your application, our Business Development Manager, Dr Jenny Whiting, welcomes your enquiries. 

For nanostructural analysis, we offer a unique combination of experience, expertise and instrumentation. Microscopy Australia has been trusted by industry and academia for over a decade. We look forward to working with you.

Three Voucher Options 

Voucher Type Voucher Benefits Applicant Co-contribution
SME $10,000 Instrument time / staff assistance $2,500
Larger Company $5,000 Instrument time / staff assistance $2,500
Travel Voucher 50% Eligible travel costs 50% Travel costs

Vouchers must be used within 12 months of their issue.

Application process

Please complete the application form, attach your Project Description file, and submit by clicking the button on the bottom of this page.

A suggested format for the Project Description is as follows
(1–2 x A4 pages, including diagrams):

  • Names of researchers and their affiliation (company name, institution name)
  • Project aim and specific outcome sought (what question are you trying to answer)
  • Relevant background information
  • Any preliminary results
  • Relevant publications
  • Numbers of PCT applications or granted patents
  • Microscopy Australia location preferred
  • Instrument kind and time required (if known)
1. Application 
Complete the application form below. If you need help with your application, please contact Dr Jenny Whiting
e: jenny.whiting@micro.org.au
t: +61 2 9114 0566

2. Review
Evaluation based on eligibility, research merit and relevance by the Review Panel.
Note: Advice from relevant Microscopy Australia experts will be sought where required.

Dr Caroline Fuery COO of Microscopy Australia / Committee Chair 
Dr Melanie Rug CAM Centre Manager, ANU and Microscopy Australia Node Director 
Prof. Richard Tilley
Director Electron Microsope Unit, Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, UNSW 

3. Notification
Successful applicants will be informed of the outcome and the details of where and how the work will be performed along with any other obligations and requirements.
4. Acceptance

Successful applicants must formally accept the offer as directed.
5. Report

You will need to complete short reports on your activities and outcomes.

More info:

Download full Applicant Guidelines here  or contact us: medtechvouchers@micro.org.au

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* 7. Technical Readiness Level
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Microscopy Australia has reporting requirements to federal government. Reports of participants and project results can remain confidential within these reports. Microscopy Australia publishes profiles and newsletters and there is an opportunity for industry work to be showcased in such publications at the discretion of the industry participant.

By submitting this form I certify that the information I have given Microscopy Australia as a basis for obtaining access to a laboratory is true and correct. I have read and understood Microscopy Australia Technical Voucher Fund Applicant Guidelines. I agree that any publications resulting from the use of this facility must acknowledge Microscopy Australia and I agree to provide annual reports as required.

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This venture has received funding through the MTPConnect Project Fund Program – a dollar-for-dollar matched program investing in big, bold ideas to improve the productivity, competitiveness and innovative capacity of Australia’s medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. MTPConnect is supported by the Australian Government Industry Growth Centres Initiative – learn more at mtpconnect.org.au