1. Satisfaction Survey

* 1. When you called, how did you get the IPC's telephone number?

* 2. Was the poison center staff member who answered your call polite?

* 3. Were the instructions given by the poison center staff clear?

* 4. Were the instructions given by the poison center staff easy to follow?

* 5. Did the Poison Center staff member offer you the following information?

  Yes No
Signs and symptoms to watch for
Time frame to watch for signs/symptoms
Advice on what to give or do for the patient
Follow-up call schedule
I was instructed to go to the emergency department

* 6. How would you rate the overall service provided by the IPC?

* 7. Would you call the Illinois Poison Center again for a poisoning?

* 8. What would you have done if you were not able to contact a poison center?

* 9. When you called, were you offered a complimentary packet of poison prevention information including IPC stickers and magnets? (If not, please click here to request one: http://illinoispoisoncenter.org/Request_a_Complimentary_Packet)

* 10. What type of insurance does the caller have?