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We really appreciate your help improving the quality and utility of our education resources, thank you! Please complete the survey below by indicating which resource(s) you think you’d be most inclined to do in your class - it will help us figure out which resources are most enticing. Don’t worry about whether or not it matches the age, grade, or subject you teach- we’re most interested in what you see as representing high-quality educational resources. This survey is for internal use only and information collected here will NOT be published. If you have any questions reach out to!

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* 2. Write-In Candidate! Don't see one that you're really interested in on our list? Let us know which one strikes your fancy the most. You can click here to check out all of them available. If enough people request the same resource we will make it available to field test as well.

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* 3. When looking for an activity to adopt for my students, after relevancy to the grade level I'm teaching I'm most interested in...

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* 4. Please rate the importance of each of the following elements when deciding whether to implement a lesson plan or instructional resource you have discovered online

  Essential Very valuable Valuable Somewhat valuable Non-essential/Indifferent
An answer key to questions within the resource
In-depth reflection questions requiring students to provide evidence based reasoning
A rubric to provide a framework for assessing reflection questions
A post-assessment to assess content standards taught in each resource
An accompanying Science Friday audio/radio segment
An accompanying Science Friday video 
A consistent Science Friday template across all resources
A student worksheet

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* 5. What subject area do you think is it hardest to find high-quality teaching resources?

You can apply to become a Science Friday Field Tester as well! If you opt not to apply to become a Science Friday Field Tester the survey will complete after answering "No" and clicking on "Next Page".

If you'd like to apply to be a Science Friday Field Tester please select "Yes" below.
If selected you would:
1) Administer a 5 question academic content centered pre-assessment with your students before starting the resource assigned to you(can be administered electronically or by hard copy with answer key provided)
2) Complete one Science Friday Educator Resource assigned based on the resource you select to field test on the next page of this survey from Sci Fri staff with your students.
3) Administer a 5 question academic content centered post-assessment with your students after completing the resource (can be administered electronically or by hard copy with answer key provided)
4) Submit the results of the pre and post-assessment to Science Friday, if the post-assessment is done electronically this will happen automatically.
5) Complete a Science Friday educator resource feedback form provided to you
6) Share examples of student work along with the associated waiver.
7) Make your selection of Sci Fri swag as our token of gratitude!
8) Sit back and enjoy that you helped make the world a slightly better place for students!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us improve our free educator resource for teachers and students!

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* 6. Would You Like To Apply To Be A Field Tester?