You may think you’re not very resilient.

The word “resilient” might bring to mind all of the struggles and setbacks that have plagued you in your life. You might be thinking about how hard it is to recover from some of the worst ones. You may be thinking “I’m not resilient at all. Look at how often I’ve struggled to get back up!”

If you’re thinking any of these, then you are probably one of the most resilient people. You have suffered, you have struggled, you have waded through a seemingly unstoppable tide of difficulty – and you have survived.

We tend to think of resilient people as those who are unaffected by the challenges of life, or who take a setback with a smile and laugh in the face of their obstacles. But this is not resilience.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back, again and again, with every obstacle we face.
Take 5 minutes to think about your responses to the below
Share with the group your total score if you feel comfortable

Think about these 6 statements-

On a piece of paper rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 in terms of resiliency
(zero- not resilient, 10- very resilient)

1.     Support from other people in your life.

2.     Ability to accept yourself for who you really are.

3.     Your confidence in your ability to cope with adversity.

4.     How good you are at communicating and interacting with others in times of stress.

5.     How good you are at facing challenging problems in life and solving them systematically.

6.     Ability to cope with your emotions in the face of adversity.

Add up your total score and review your ratings on each element. If you rated any elements above zero, think about what made you give it a rating above zero and what you could do to get the score closer to 10.

Doing this exercise will help you to recognize where you are in terms of resilience and identify where you can improve from your current state of resilience.

Your WHAT is “What you want to be or do”
It’s helpful to link it to your passion
Do you know what industry you are now interested in?
How much do you now know about that industry?

The HOW is the steps you need to take to achieve your desired career
How can you work towards a career that fulfills your WHYS?
Brainstorm as a group
Explore all possibilities before ruling anything out

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