Put your farming future in your hands

Your farming future is in your hands with Plan2Farm.

Plan2Farm is a program that considers all areas of your farming business so the pathway to your future is clear.

You will be supported every step of the way. Through a guided process, Plan2Farm will help you make more informed decisions about your farming business to improve your business resilience. Our Workbook Advisors will work with you to develop or refine your long-term farm vision, and to guide you through the actions required to achieve this vision.

Plan2Farm is backed by an Alliance group with representatives from the North Central, Goulburn Broken and North East Catchment Management Authorities, Agriculture Victoria, Murray Dairy, and Goulburn Murray Water. In partnership, the group will deliver the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and Regional Development Victoria’s multi-million dollar funded Plan2Farm program to up to 600 farmers.

All farmers within the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District are eligible to apply; with all farmers with water use licences within the broader Goulburn Murray Water regulated area also welcome to apply. To express your interest please fill in your details below. Once you have submitted this form our team will assess your responses, and if eligible, contact you to book an initial appointment.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, or would like further information please contact Shari Rankin from the North Central CMA on 03 5440 1885 or shari.rankin@nccma.vic.gov.au

* 1. Contact Details

* 2. What is your farm type?

* 3. Business Name

* 4. Do you have an ABN/ACN?

* 5. Farm lot/plan number(s)
(This information can be found on your rates notice(s), or on the Land Services website http://services.land.vic.gov.au/maps/interactive.jsp)

* 6. What is your current water usage (ML)?

* 7. What is your property size (ha)?

* 8. How many people does your enterprise employ (including family members primarily employed by the enterprise)?

* 9. What is your Connections status? www.connectionsproject.com.au/scp-status

* 10. What are your future irrigation intentions for the enterprise?

* 11. Do you have a future vision for your farm?

* 12. Do you know what it is going to take to achieve your vision?

* 13. Do you intend to keep farming?

* 14. Have you participated in an On-farm Efficiency program?

* 15. Do you have a Succession Plan?

* 16. Do you have a Business Plan?

* 17. Do you have a Financial Plan/Budget?

* 18. Do you have a Water Budget?

* 19. Do you have a Whole Farm Plan?

* 20. Do you track the following business information?

* 21. Are you, or have you been part of an Industry Discussion Group?

* 22. Are you, or have you been part of a Landcare group?

* 23. Have you participated in Taking Stock?

* 24. Do you currently pay for the services of any of the following consultants?

* 25. Are there any specific areas you would like assistance in?

* 26. Do you have a preferred Plan2Farm support agency?

* 27. Where did you hear about Plan2Farm?

To get the most benefit from the Plan2Farm program it is necessary for information regarding your property (including, but not limited to, Reconfiguration Plans) to be shared with Plan2Farm Alliance partners. The North Central Catchment Management Authority, Plan2Farm Alliance, and the Goulburn Murray Water Connections Project are committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with the principles of Victoria’s privacy laws. The collection and use of information by the North Central Catchment Management Authority, Plan2Farm Alliance, and the Goulburn Murray Water Connections Project complies with the privacy principles set out in the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. All personal information you provide, including information provided during landowner consultation will be handled in accordance with this Act.

Should you have any queries regarding access to the information you have provided please contact the GMW Connections Project on 1300 163 006 or Shari Rankin, Plan2Farm Project Manager on 03 5440 1885 or shari.rankin@nccma.vic.gov.au

* 28. Do you give permission for your information to be shared with Plan2Farm Alliance Partners?