Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) function is at the forefront of guiding organisational performance and supporting decision-making. Dynamism and fast changes in a volatile world require FP&A to adjust quickly using flexible approaches and implementing different planning and forecasting techniques.
The FP&A Trends Survey was established in 2017 to determine the latest trends and developments in modern FP&A. The aim is to observe and capture the evolution in the field and to compare experiences and practices with that of other companies.
Since then, more than 1600 finance practitioners from a variety of different companies and industries across the world have participated in our FP&A Trends Group Survey, helping the FP&A community understand and overcome the arising challenges.
FP&A Trends Group launches the 7th annual survey to determine the trends and developments currently evolving in the FP&A community. We are inviting you to participate in this global initiative and outline the future of FP&A.
It will take only 10-12 minutes to complete our survey, and in return, we will share the final comprehensive report with you in July 2023. Your participation and sharing it with your network are highly appreciated.
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