We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for Seeds Of Liberación (SOL), a youth leadership program led by TransLatin@ Coalition and Gender Justice LA. 

SOL prepares young TGI (Transgender, Gender non-conforming, and Intersex) people to transform themselves, their communities and our world!

In the Fall/Winter of 2019, the TransLatin@ Coalition and Gender Justice LA will bring together 15 TGI young people to participate in a 3-month leadership program. SOL will mobilize the TGI community in Los Angeles through individual & community healing, leadership development, relationship building and organizing. 

This is a community led program and is entirely bilingual in Spanish and English, with interpretation provided. We are collaborating with Antena Los Ángeles, a 6-person collective founded in 2014, dedicated to language justice advocacy and organizing. Antena Los Ángeles’s primary tools include interpreting, translation, consulting, and education to strengthen cross-language communication.

Language Justice involves the idea that everyone has the right to communicate in the language in which we feel most comfortable, to understand and to be understood. Language justice is the shared commitment to creating bilingual and multilingual spaces where no language dominates over any other.

During SOL you will participate in:

1) Skill building / Skill sharing sessions: These will be centered around healing and wellness, political education, community organizing, anti-oppression frameworks, and much more.

 2) Mentorship: Each participant will be matched with a mentor who will help personally and throughout the program.

4)  Earn a Certificate of Completion and a $600 stipend, payments will be provided throughout the program;

5) The development of a community resource, campaign, program or event that tackles a specific issue faced by the TGI communities

Disclaimer(s): *This application will prioritize the selection of Black, Indigenous, Two Spirit, Disabled, Undocumented Trans People of Color, Monolingual Spanish Speakers, Trans Women, Non-Binary Trans Femmes, and Transfeminine people.
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