Thank you for participating in our survey study!

The Human-Device Interaction research program at the FDA is interested in understanding how you use your osseointegrated implant device and your perspective on some of the safety features of the device.  This survey will ask you questions about the activities you do with your osseointegrated implant device, the impact osseointegration has on your activities, and your opinions on safety features of the device.  The survey is expected to take about 20 minutes to complete.  

Before continuing, please confirm that you have at least one lower limb with an osseointegrated implant.  Please also make sure you have enough time to finish the survey in one sitting as there is no way to save your responses and come back to the survey.

All responses will remain anonymous.  Individual responses will not be shared with your clinician, prosthesis manufacturers, or implant manufacturers.  Responses from this survey will also not impact the regulatory status of any device you are currently using.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kimberly Kontson (

Thank you again for your participation!