1. General information

The focus of the 2023 LLLAwards edition is ‘‘Key competences for all: a lifelong learning approach to skills’’. 

The aim of the LLLAwards, in fact, is to recognise and award three initiatives in three different categories, as follows:  

1. System level: Successful practices for transversal competences for learning and resilient societies
2. Provider level: Embedding transversal competences in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments
3. Learner level: Acquiring necessary transversal competences for active participation through non-formal and informal learning and their validation and recognition


The application:
- Should be as precise as possible
- Shuold be as close to the topic as possible
- Must contain only truthful information
- Will be considered submitted upon click on the “submit” button 

Eligibility criteria:

- Applicants must be over 18;
- Applicants must be European citizens or active in one of the EU Member States.
- The initiative can be a person, an organisation, an entity or project
- The initiative must take place in education and training;
- The initiative may target any age group;
- The initiative may target any area of life and may combine several;
- The initiative should be based on cooperation (involving civil society organisation, schools, trade unions, companies, universities…);
- The initiative must not be older than 4 years, counting from its end;
- The initiative must not have already been awarded by another European Prize.

A selected Jury of experts will be awarding the prizes, and the winners will be made public in October 2023. 

For further information, please get in touch with communication@lllplatform.eu

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