1. General information

The focus of the 2020 LLLAwards edition is ‘Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies’. This broad theme is declined in the activities and the categories for the awards. 

The aim of the LLLAwards, in fact, is to recognise and award three initiatives in three different categories, as follows:  

1. Learning that empowers - the future of learning 
2. Learning that matters - the future of skills
3. Learning that lasts - sustainable learning


The application:

- Shall be as precise, complete, and as relevant to the call as possible
- Must contain only truthful information
- Must be completed by the contact person of the applying organisation, who will remain such throughout the selection process. Please make sure this person remains available in the coming months. 
- Will be considered submitted upon click on the “submit” button 

Please read the eligibility criteria before applying:

- The submitted initiative is a person, an organisation, or a project
- The initiative takes place in the field of Education and Training;
- The initiative applies methods from formal, non-formal and/or informal education or takes place in a formal, non-formal and/or informal educational environment;
- The initiative targets any age group and may target several age groups;
- The initiative targets any areas of life and may combine several;
- The initiative is based on cross-sectoral cooperation (involving civil society organisation, schools, trade unions, companies, universities…);
- The initiative should not be older than 4 years;
- The initiative must not have already been awarded by another European Prize;
- Applicants must be over 18;
- Applicants must be European citizens or active in one of the EU Member States.

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* 1. Name and Surname of contact person

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* 2. Email address

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* 3. Telephone number

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* 4. Full address

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* 5. Organisation

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* 6. Your organisation is:

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* 7. Have you applied for the LLLAwards before?