In this short survey you will be asked questions about your personal experiences of Brazilian culture. Responses will be used to challenge Matthew Webb's series of images, rooted in Brazilian cultures, in his ongoing photography project "Totality & Infinity", to recognise groups and themes that have not been specifically included to date, ahead of a preview of the work in London.  Please allow five minutes to complete as any information you provide will be extremely useful.

There are only three pages of questions. The first page asks for contact details and general information, the second asks questions about your experience of Brazilian culture. You could also have the opportunity to be included in Webb's series if your suggestions provide a new or under-explored perspective that may have been neglected and would make a significant contribution to the project.  At the end of the survey you will be able to sign up to see the preview in London.

If there are questions to which you do not immediately have an answer please do move on to the next question. Comment boxes have been added in case you would like to contribute more. You will also be asked at the end of the survey whether you would like to keep your answers anonymous. Anonymity is often the cornerstone of providing answers freely and you will have the choice to make your responses anonymous should you prefer.

Thank you in advance and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email