The Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) for UHMC is being updated and we want to hear your unique perspective of the campus and its design. Your input will contribute to a campus plan that improves student learning environment and well-being. This survey will take about ten minutes to complete. Mahalo!

* 1. What is your affiliation with UHMC (Check one)

* 2. What departments are you affiliated with? (Check as many as are appropriate)

* 3. What days of the week are you on campus? (check as many as appropriate)

* 4. What time of day are you on campus? (check as many as appropriate)

* 6. Select and rank the 3 campus amenities/features that are of highest priority to you (both current and potential future)? [1=highest]

  1 2 3
Large trees, well-maintained landscaping, open spaces
Informal gathering areas (outdoor or indoor)
Sustainable design/practices/features
Exterior aesthetics (including public art, sculptures, signage, building design, etc.)
Prominent campus entrance
Better pedestrian circulation
Accessibility for disabled persons
Bicycle amenities (e.g. parking, showers, lockers)
On-campus access to public transportation
More food service or retail options
Sports or recreational facilities
Services to the broader community (e.g. culture, arts, meeting facilities, fine dining, etc.)
Student housing

* 7. How would you rate the "character" of UHMC's campus today? (e.g., interior and exterior amenities, gathering areas, sense of place) [Select one]

* 8. What is the best place on campus and why?

* 9. What is the worst place on campus and why? (include problem areas or deficiencies)

* 10. Are your program facilities adequate (including buildings, classroom layout, general environment)? In other words, do they contribute to student success? 

* 11. If you were Chancellor for the day, what are the top three changes you would make to the UHMC campus to improve the educational experience?

Mahalo! Stay connected with the project at and learn more about the campus at the UH Maui College website.