Celebrate the Best of Our Industry - Submit Your Top HAT Nominations!

Awards include:
  • Marketing Awards (Best Print Campaign, Best Digital Campaign, Best Social Media Campaign, Best Broadcast Campaign, Most Innovative Campaign, PR: Earned Media Campaign)
  • Product Development Awards (Outstanding Event, Outstanding Attraction, Best New Experience)
  • Personnel Awards (Front-of-House Food & Beverage, Front-of-House Hospitality, Back-of-House Food & Beverage, and Back-of-House Hospitality)
  • Premier Awards (Hospitality Professional of the Year, Tourism Professional of the Year, Full Service Hotel of the Year, Select Service Hotel of the Year, Owner of the Year, Supplier/Vendor of the Year, Innovation/Sustainability).

Nomination tips:

Tell a story. This is our industry’s opportunity to celebrate excellence, but that excellence would not exist without the people. A terrific way to highlight achievement and exceeding the call of duty is to share stories about the nominee that demonstrate that fact.

Include numbers. No matter what award you are submitting a nomination for, there are numbers you can include to validate the success of your employee, team, campaign, event, venue, etc.

Focus on the recent. These are annual awards, and submissions should focus on the achievement over the past year. Please refrain from including information in your submission prior to 2022 or your most recent complete fiscal year, unless the information provides germane context to the recent achievement (percent increase in visitation, sales, etc.) The judging body will emphasize these criteria when evaluating submissions this year.

Awards Criteria:
Before you begin your submission, we highly encourage you to download the TopHAT Award Criteria from the home page on our website, so you can put together the content for all of the question fields before you submit your nomination.

If a submission is paused for an extended amount of time in the official submission form, it may not submit properly or it may erase your answer fields. In order to best ensure this doesn't happen, we encourage you to answer all of the questions in a saved word document. When you have completed all of the questions, you can copy and paste into the answer fields through the online submission form.


Members and non-members can nominate a team or individual who qualifies under the award categories. The nominee does not have to be a member to be nominated.

Nominations for NMHA members: Five (5) complementary submissions. Every submission after first five are $10 each.

Nominations for non-NMHA members: $15 each.

Nominations close Friday, September 29, at 5:00 pm