Welcome to the 2020 Exercise Industry Awards 

  • Applications for all categories except community contribution require payment for entry. ($30 for individual categories, $50 for all other categories)
  • Please have your credit card handy to make payment at the end of the form. 
  • Finalist fees apply to all applications once finalists are announced, except the community contribution award finalists.
    • $75 for individual categories
    • $300 for facilities
    • $200 for Studios
    • $100 for all others 
  • If you are unsure of the category you are best to enter Click here to view the category information or Click here to see the questions for each category. NOTE: you can enter more than one category- complete this form for each entry.
  • Only entries received via this form are considered 
  • We suggest that you download the questions for your entry category (see below) and complete offline, then transferring information onto the entry.
  • Want to see the questions before you start your entry? 
Here is a shortcut to them all www.exerciseindustryawards.co.nz/2020questions