The IHLS Nominating Committee is searching for potential candidates for the 2019 IHLS Board Elections.  Nominations must be submitted by February 8.  The election will be held by electronic ballot March 15 – April 15.  Elected candidates will begin their 3-year term July 1.

Please forward the email with the survey link to board members, colleagues and others who may be interested in appearing on the ballot, and to anyone you feel would make a great candidate.

The following positions are up for election:

1 Public Librarian Representative (3-year term)
4 Public Library Trustee Representatives (3-year term each)

The committee will consider all interested candidates and make selections based upon the criteria set in the IHLS Bylaws (see here).

If you have questions or comments for the Nominating Committee, please feel free to contact us:
Rachel Fuller: The Urbana Free Library ( (217) 531-7070
Janet Howard: Carlinville Public Library ( (217) 854-3505
Bobbi Perryman: Vespasian Warner Public Library District ( (217) 935-5174
Jill Pifer:  Fairview Heights Public Library ( (618) 489-2070
Theresa Tyner:  Danville Public Library ( (217) 477-5220
Merna Youngblood: Frontier Community College ( (618) 842-3711