Disability Social Inclusion Project- Our Voices, Our Lives, Our Way Survey

This project is a joint initiative between LGBTIQ+ Health Australia (LHA) and the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) which is funded through Department of Social Services (DSS) via the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Grant.

The project aims to build the individual and collective capacity of LGBTIQ+ people with a disability (PWD) in a dynamic and innovative way to strengthen existing knowledge and skills.

LGBTIQ+ includes people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender, intersex, queer and other sexuality, gender and bodily diverse people.

What is the survey about?

We are developing training that aims to build knowledge and skills in advocacy and storytelling for LGBTIQ+ PWD. This survey will help us understand what will be useful to include in the training we are developing and to consider different access needs to ensure the program is inclusive and accessible.

This project works within a co-design framework where LGBTIQ+ PWD and sector experts are engaged in the design process.

Who is this survey for?

LGBTIQ+ PWD who are over the age of 18 years

Language used in this survey

Language is dynamic and constantly evolving. This survey was developed following consultation and careful consideration from LGBTIQ+ PWD through the project’s co-design group. We recognise that there is no one way of using language or terms that will be right for all people. Our intention for this survey is to be as clear as we can for a diverse audience and to be as inclusive as possible. We invite and encourage further feedback and have included open text field boxes in this survey. 

What does participation in this survey involve?

- Answering some questions about yourself so we know who is being represented in the survey e.g. geographical location, age.

- Questions about topics that you may want to have in the training

- All data will be de-identified and is anonymous

- If you complete the survey you are consenting to us using this data for the purpose of developing training

How long will this take?

This survey has been designed to take approximately 10 minutes to complete (unless you want to include more detailed information then it may take a little longer)

Support Services

The survey questions have been designed to reduce any negative impacts on those filling out the survey, however some questions may have personal significance for some people. If you feel distress or discomfort and would like to discuss with confidential services you can contact:

1800 184 527

Beyond Blue Support Service
1300 22 4636
13 11 14
For a list of other services please visit: QLife Resources

If you have any questions or need a different way to complete this survey please contact:

Marika Taylor, Disability Social Inclusion Coordinator, LGBTIQ+ Health Australia

Email: marika.taylor@lgbtiqhealth.org.au

I consent to participating in this survey. I am answering the survey as a LGBTIQ+ person with disability who is over the age of 18 years.
These first questions will help us know who is represented in this survey regarding age, location etc.

Question Title

* What is your age? (select one only)

Question Title

* Which state or territory do you live in? (select one only)

Question Title

* Do you live in a remote, regional or Urban area of that state or territory? (select one only)

Question Title

* Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? (select one only)

Question Title

* Are you from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), non English speaking backgrounds (NESB), a migrant or a refugee? (select one or more)

Question Title

* Are you trans or gender diverse? (select one)

Question Title

* How do you describe your gender? (select one or more)
Gender refers to current gender, which may be different to sex recorded at birth.

Question Title

* Were you born with a variation of sex characteristics (sometimes called 'intersex' or 'DSD') ? (select one)

Question Title

* How do you describe your sexuality? (select one or more)

These next questions will help us with the design of the training content. We will need to consider people's access needs to make the online content more accessible.

Question Title

* What language do you speak most fluently? (tick one box only)

Question Title

* When accessing the internet, I have access through: ( select one or more)

Question Title

* What are your access needs online when watching videos and viewing written content? (select one or more)

These next questions will help us know what content will be useful to include in the online training to build your knowledge.

Question Title

* Please select the topics you would like more information on. (select one or more)

Question Title

* Are you interested in learning more about volunteering? ( select one only) 

Volunteering is time willingly given for a cause without financial payment. It involves helping a community group or organisation. Volunteering includes a wide range of activities. Usually, people volunteer for a cause or organisation they care about.

Question Title

* Have you been involved in any peer support programs? (select one only)

Peer support is where people use their own experiences to help each other though sharing knowledge or providing emotional and social support, and interaction. There are different types of peer support, it can be one to one or in a group setting. It can be informal through friends or more formally organised through an organisation.

The next question is about mentoring and increasing skills in storytelling and advocacy. 

Mentoring is when someone guides you and offers their life experiences and knowledge to help you learn something new. Mentoring aims to increase your confidence and to do it well on your own. A mentor is someone who already knows a lot about what you want to learn. A mentee is the person who is learning.

Question Title

* Select the topics that interest you and may be included as part of the mentoring program: (select one or more)

Question Title

* Is there anything else you want to tell us?