Welcome to the LGEA’s Award and Remuneration Survey. Our members have a strong interest in building the professional capacity of local government to help deliver sustainable infrastructure and other services to communities across NSW. This survey will play a key role in helping us gain a clear picture of how well the current employment conditions within the industry are serving engineers and other professionals working in local government. The responses from the survey will also contribute to the LGEA Remuneration Report which is relied upon to increase transparency in pay and conditions for your role between councils.

For this survey to be a useful tool in the upcoming negotiations and to form the LGEA Remuneration report, we need as many professionals working in local government to complete it so we strongly encourage you and your colleagues to take part.

Please note - while the information gathered in this survey will be used extensively during the upcoming Award negotiations, only general aggregate information and findings will be reported and all individual responses will remain confidential. Data collected in this survey will be handled in accordance with Professionals Australia’s privacy policy.

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