Project Title:  Housing and Support Needs for Aging in the LGBT+ Community

Investigators:  Dr. Brent Oliver (Department of Child Studies and Social Work, MRU), Floyd Visser (The SHARP Foundation)

Contact Information:
Project Coordinator
Amanda Weightman
Principal Researcher, Habitus Consulting Collective Inc.

Primary Researcher
Dr. Brent Oliver, PhD RSW
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work and Child Studies
Faculty of Health, Community & Education
Mount Royal University

Fiscal agent
Floyd Visser
Executive Director, The SHARP Foundation 

Calgary Homeless Foundation
“Innovation, Capacity building, and Enhancement (ICE) in Ending Homelessness Grants”.
You are being invited to participate in a research project, as described above and in this consent form.  Please note this consent form serves to provide an overview of what the research in question is about and what your participation would entail; it is only one part of the consent process. Read this consent form carefully. You should understand the accompanying information. If you have any questions, please contact one of the above members of the research team. You may print a copy of this form for your records, or request a copy from one of the research team members listed above.

Summary of the Study
The purpose of this study is to obtain a better understanding of the housing experiences and needs of LGBT+ seniors, or persons approaching senior-age, in Calgary and area. We are conducting this study from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The aim of this research is to build local knowledge around the issues, needs, and priorities related to housing for LGBT+ seniors in addition to providing recommendations to service providers concerning how best to meet the needs of senior LGBT+ Calgarians.

The primary methods of data collection include: 1) An online survey for self-identifying LGBT+ seniors (aged 55 and older). 2) Approximately 20 key stakeholder interviews, including LGBT+ seniors/allies, community leaders, agencies/businesses serving seniors, housing providers, and health care professionals. Interview participants will be purposefully selected by the Calgary LGBT+ Elders Advisory Committee.

The study is being led by Rainbow Elders, a group of individuals who have been meeting to discuss, create, and implement strategies that will improve the quality of life for LGBT+ seniors in Calgary, of which housing and care are key concerns. This project is funded by the Calgary Homeless Foundation, with coordination and research support from the SHARP Foundation, Habitus Consulting Collective, and Mount Royal University. The people involved in this project are members and allies of LGBT+ communities.
What does my involvement entail?
You are invited to complete an online survey. Your participation will be voluntary and anonymous and all of your responses will be confidential. Your decision to participate will in no way affect your relationship with current or future health or housing providers. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

What sort of personal information will be collected and how?
The survey includes demographic questions about your age, income, and education. The survey also asks questions about your gender identity, sexual orientation, mental and physical health, and about your access to and satisfaction with housing services. The survey is completely anonymous: No names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personally identifying information will be collected and your internet IP address or location information is not tracked. If you are being supported by a Peer Research Associate to complete this survey, they will keep your identity and responses strictly confidential.

At the end of the survey, there is an option to submit your email address to enter a draw for one of eight 50$ gift cards. If you choose to enter the draw, you will be redirected to a separate webpage that is not linked to your survey responses. Email addresses will only be accessible to the research coordinator and only used for the purpose of the prize draw.
No one outside of the research team (SHARP Foundation, MRU, Habitus Consulting Collective) will be allowed to see the survey data and the survey data will be summarized and compiled into aggregate form prior to being made accessible to others. The data will be used for the completion of this study and it will also inform the type of questions asked during the subsequent interviews. The data may also be disseminated via oral presentation or print, such as in journals, reports or other publications. The data will be destroyed five years after the completion of the study. 
Surveymonkey©, an American software company, is administering this survey. Please visit this Surveymonkeysite if you want more information about how your data will be retained online. The downloaded survey data will be stored on a computer, which will be password and firewall protected. Data will be destroyed and permanently erased five years after the conclusion of this study.
What are the risks or benefits involved in my participation?
By choosing to participate in this study you will be able to share your experience and provide insight into important matters around the housing of LGBT+ seniors. It is our hope that this information will contribute to informing and improving housing services for your community. The primary personal benefit is that you will be able to share fully your experiences and contribute to advancing housing services for LGBT+ seniors in Calgary.
There are minimal risks associated with participation in this study. However, we will ask you about potentially sensitive information regarding your housing and support needs in relation to your sexuality. If any of the questions make you feel uncomfortable, you may decline to answer them.
In the event that you suffer injury as a result of participating in this research, no compensation will be provided to you by the Calgary Homeless Foundation, Mount Royal University, the SHARP Foundation, or the Researchers. You still have all your legal rights. Nothing said in this consent form alters your right to seek damages.

Voluntary Participation and Withdrawal of Consent
You are under no obligation to participate in this research study. You will have the option to refrain from answering any questions, at any point in time, for any reason. You are free to withdraw from the study at any point while completing the survey without prejudice to pre-existing entitlements. You will not suffer any disadvantage or reprisal for withdrawing. Your decision to participate or not to participate will not affect any existing or future relationships with any health or housing service provider.
To withdraw from the survey, simply close the internet browser you are using to complete the survey, though any data that is submitted at that point will become property of the researchers. Because data is collected anonymously, you will not be able to withdraw your data after completing the survey.

What will happen to the results of this research project?
Findings from this study will be presented to community stakeholders and the community advisory committee. Information from this study will be provided to service providers and other interested parties. Reports and findings may be published online on the SHARP Foundation’s website and in academic journals or presented at academic conferences. Your data will only be reported in aggregate figures and will never include any personally identifying information.
If you have further questions concerning matters related to this research, please contact: Brent Oliver, Department of Child Studies and Social Work, Faculty of Health, Community & Education,; 403.440.6443.
At the end of the survey you will be asked if you would  like to participate in a draw. If so, you will be entered in a draw for one (1) of eight (8) $50 grocery gift cards. No other compensation will be offered.
Who should I contact if I have concerns regarding ethical issues related to this research project?
If you have any questions concerning your rights as a possible participant in this research, please contact the Research Ethics Officer,at Mount Royal University, 403-440-8470,


Question Title

* 1. Written Consent
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a. are voluntarily consenting to participate in this research project,
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c. have not yet commenced participation in the research project – your participation will only begin once you have provided your consent, and
d. have been given adequate time and opportunity to:
consider the information provided,
pose any questions you may have, and
discuss and consider whether you will participate.
If you have further questions concerning matters related to this research, please contact: Brent Oliver, Department of Child Studies and Social Work, Faculty of Health, Community & Education,; 403.440.6443.

The Human Research Ethics Board of Mount Royal University has approved this research study.

Do you consent to participate?