Silver Rainbow - LGBTI Inclusive Aged Care

The National LGBTI Health Alliance has been tasked with finding ways to assist LGBTI Elders and Older people to easily identify aged care service providers who deliver LGBTI inclusive services. There are a number of existing ways to identify services who are working towards being inclusive, including the Rainbow Tick process developed by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria.

Any recommendations from LGBTI Elders and Older people will be considered within the context of the new Single Quality Framework Standards developed for aged care by the Department of Health. Recommendations for LGBTI Elders and Older people will be mapped to show how each of the Single Quality Framework Standards can be achieved for older LGBTI clients.

As well as guiding aged care service providers, any resources developed will provide a way for LGBTI elders to determine if an aged care service is LGBTI inclusive including the ability for Service Providers to list this achievement in their My Aged Care profile.

This survey is part of the consultation phase and we warmly welcome your feedback. The survey is confidential and will take around 10 minutes to complete - depending on your responses.

If you would like more information on the project please contact
Samantha Edmonds
Silver Rainbow – National Project Manager
(LGBTI Inclusive Ageing and Aged Care)
Phone: (02) 8568 1130
Mobile: 0499 770 482

* 1. Which of the following best describes how you identify? (please tick one of the following or make a comment)

* 2. Do you identify as either of the following (if not please skip this question)

* 3. In which state or territory do you mostly live? (please tick one of the following)

* 4. Which of the following best describes the area you live in? (please tick one of the following)

* 5. What are you looking for in an LGBTI inclusive aged care service? (please write your comments in the space provided below)

* 6. How do you think aged care service providers can demonstrate they are LGBTI inclusive? (please write your response in the space provided below)

* 7. Would you like to make any other comments (please write your comments in the space provided below).