There has been significant debate about who should be able to participate in Pride parades and other Pride events, and under what conditions.

This survey, using mainly multiple choice options, seeks the views of Australian LGBTIQA+ adults and their allies on this important issue. 

Each of the following pages is devoted to a specific group, for example, police, big business, and government agencies. You will be asked if you believe these groups should be excluded completely from Pride parades (represented by red), included with conditions (represented by amber) or included without having to meet conditions (represented by green). 

You will also be asked the reasons for your inclusion or exclusion response and if they apply to just Pride parades or other Pride events. If you think a particular group should be included IF they meet certain conditions, you will be asked to rate (on a scale) how important it is for various conditions be met before that group can participate in Pride parades.  

Just.Equal Australia will use the information gathered from this anonymous survey to better inform policies relating to inclusion at Pride events. 

You are free to not answer any survey question you choose.

The following page will screen for your eligibility (i.e., an adult LGBTIQA+ person or ally, and citizen or resident of Australia).