Leadership Franklin County Youth (LFCY) is a highly selective leadership program providing learning opportunities to Franklin County high school sophomores (public, private or home school) with the goal of developing youth leaders who are actively engaged in responsible, ethical, and effective leadership.  Students apply in their freshman year. The program is free to students because of the generous financial support of Wilson College.

Prior leadership experience is not necessary to apply. All applicants go through an in school interview with LFCY Steering Committee members in March 2023. LFCY will chose up to 25 students from the Franklin County area by mid April 2023. The new class will convene for the first time in May 2023.

Students should review the program time commitment in Question 2 before applying for this program.  Please note that attendance at our orientation & summer retreat is mandatory. Your school leadership will be contacted in advance of interviews to ensure the applicant's school status (grades/attendance and behavior) permits participation.
Application deadline is Friday, February 10, 2023.
Due to the high volume of applicants we cannot accept applications after this date.

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* 1. Please fill in the following information.

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* 2. Student Commitment:
If selected for Leadership Franklin County Youth, I understand that the May 2, 2023 Orientation (during school time) & June 6, 2023 Retreat (summer break) are mandatory and the monthly LFCY session participation (during school time, Sept 2023 - April 2024) is very important.

I understand that when we meet in person during school hours, that transportation will be provided from my school to sessions with the exception of the June Retreat and volunteer activity days.

I will complete all related assignments as assigned and understand I am required to work as a LFCY volunteer with either Scoop-a-Palooza event (July 2023) and/or IceFest Run Your Ice Off 5k (Jan 2024).

I understand that if I am absent from the May Orientation and/or June Retreat for any reason, I will not be able to participate for the remainder of the LFCY program.

I promise to display mutual respect for my peers/adult facilitators and show a desire for learning new skills and self-improvement.

LFC Youth Class of 2023-2024 Schedule:
o Tuesday, May 2, 2023                     Orientation Day
o Tuesday June 6, 2023                     Retreat Day
o Saturday July 8, 2023                     Scoop-A-Palooza - Volunteer
o Tuesday, September 12, 2023
o Tuesday, October 3, 2023
o Tuesday, November 7, 2023
o Tuesday, December 5, 2023
o Tuesday, January 2, 2024
o Sunday, January 28, 2024                 IceFest - 5k Volunteer
o Tuesday, February 6, 2024
o Tuesday, March 5, 2024
o Tuesday, April 2, 2024
o April 2024 (TBA)                        

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* 3. Parent/Guardian Commitment:
By typing my (our) name(s) below, I (we) fully endorse our student's participation in Leadership Franklin County Youth and have read the student commitment/understand the program participation requirements.

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* 4. School Administration Consent:  By checking this box, I acknowledge that LFCY will contact my school administration to ensure I am in good standing at my school and to gain consent for my participation in this program.

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* 5. Why do you want to participate in the Leadership Franklin County Youth?

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* 6. Name someone you consider to be a leader and why.

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* 7. Think of a time you had a chance to be a formal or informal leader. Looking back at the experience, what would you have done the same or differently and why?

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* 8. Tell us about a difficult decision you have made in the past year. What factors did you consider in helping you make this decision?

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* 9. Tell us more about yourself - current extra-curricular activities, part time work or hobbies.  Indicate how long you have been involved with each activity.

Thank you for applying for Leadership Franklin County Youth.

Your application is not complete without two reference submissions.  References may be teachers, coaches, school administrators or any other adult (at least 20 years old) that is not a relative.  References must submit in our electronic format found at under the youth program section. We will alert students when their application and references are complete.

The selection committee will work with your school to schedule in-school interviews during March 2023. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by mid April 2023.

LFCY is sponsored by Wilson College