Background on the LEDES API Initiative

The purpose of the LEDES API is to facilitate system to system communication directly from the law firm (LF) to the third-party ebilling system (EBS). The API will facilitate the transmission of data files from the LF to the EBS and accept notifications from the EBS back to the LF.
Why an API?  Legal ebilling is extremely time-intensive to support at the LF.   The API will ease the burden at the LF by automating transmission and notification processes where possible.  A unified LEDES API will allow vendors to implemented solutions more quickly than if a custom API is required for each of the dozens of ebilling solutions in the marketplace. 
It is expected that several versions of the LEDES API will be released by the LEDES Oversight Committee (LOC) over time, with each new version increasing the functionality supported by the API.  V2 of the API is expected to be released in 2022. 
To facilitate the creation of these API connections, the LOC will create a testing platform for vendors to test their API functionality. 
Use-cases have been defined by the LOC to ensure the full breadth of functionality of the LEDES data exchange formats is supported by both types of systems.  The LOC will provide written documentation to setup the test environment, including a test client, test law firms with timekeepers and rates, and test matters.  Using this information, file transmissions supporting the use-cases will be tested, and based on the performance of the systems, the LOC will be able to score the quality of the API supported by the system, enforcing compliance with the full feature set supported by the LEDES formats. 
The LOC has selected LogicShark to build and support the test environment. LogicShark focuses on digital transformation and the increasing need to integrate data across enterprise platforms.  LogicShark leverages technology to identify opportunities for their clients to work smarter and be more productive.  LogicShark helps organizations design and implement digital transformation strategy to facilitate organizational change by using their low-code, application development software, the LogicShark CNECT Platform.  The CNECT Platform is a legal application integration platform that assists in delivering the value promised from a company’s existing legal platform investment by filling technology gaps.  CNECT ensures that information across all legal systems is able to be accessed, integrated and leveraged to create a legal enterprise platform that allows legal leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions.  Of importance to the LOC, LogicShark does not offer law firm or law department systems that utilize LEDES standards and is fully independent in this regard.
The LOC understands that vendors need to place the LEDES API on their development roadmap and secure funding and resources for its development.  Once the test environment goes live, it will be supported by the LOC for a minimum of five years. 
With this understanding, this survey is intended to solicit information on the development timeline for vendors interested in creating the LEDES API and specifically when the API Testing Platform is needed.  
5% of survey complete.